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Jason Beghe: The Raging Bully

Jason Beghe, an expelled former Scientologist and Rathbun’s first client for his South Texas “failed” cult-experiment. Beghe turned his departure from the Church into a dramatic self-promotion complete with emotional outbursts, extortion demands and threats. He even encouraged a young man to sue the Church so Beghe could get a 25% cut for himself. He has a history of violence and arrests that include pleading no contest to battery after he pummeled an officer of the court, sending his victim to the hospital. Los Angeles County Sheriffs were called to Beghe’s home after he assaulted a young man doing gardening chores on his property. Look for him to put his acting talents to work by crying on command. All of which make him a perfect source for Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney.


Jason Beghe: The Raging Bully


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Because Alex Gibney in his propaganda film “Going Clear” covered up relevant details about his sources, the Church of Scientology  produced factual, documented information telling the real story behind each of these individuals and their role in advancing Gibney's bigoted agenda.