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Tom DeVocht: Alex Gibney’s Hard‑Hat Hustler

Former construction worker and Alex Gibney source Tom DeVocht is good at building one thing – webs of lies and deception. During his time in the Church’s construction department he lost upwards of $10 million through his secret shady deals, phony work orders and disastrous financial management, all of which he kept hidden from Church officials and which, when discovered, led to his immediate expulsion from the religion. In fact, DeVocht’s philosophy was articulated in a public statement he made after his deceptions were uncovered when he said, “I would never even consider I was doing wrong unless I was caught out and then my only sorrow was for being caught.” More was later discovered about DeVocht. He was named in a newspaper as having conspired to suborn perjury and destroy evidence behind the backs of Church officials. No one knew until 4 years after he was expelled from the Church. Yet his con game didn’t stop there – he also carried it on in his personal life. He even ripped off his own wife’s grandmother on their wedding day, secretly sold his wife’s car and stole money she inherited without telling her. All of this Alex Gibney conveniently hides from viewers of his film, dishonestly portraying this consummate con man as a “hero” while letting him build more of what he’s good at – lies.


Tom DeVocht: Alex Gibney’s Hard‑Hat Hustler


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Because Alex Gibney in his propaganda film “Going Clear” covered up relevant details about his sources, the Church of Scientology  produced factual, documented information telling the real story behind each of these individuals and their role in advancing Gibney's bigoted agenda.