the Church of Scientology
since 1968
ALEX GIBNEY & HBOThe Prison of Propaganda

Karen de la Carriere:
The World’s Oldest Professional

Karen de la Carriere, an expelled anti-Scientologist who has been known to use more than a dozen different names/aliases and is presently involved in a lawsuit with a former accountant who has charged her with failing to repay a $175,000 home loan. In her own sworn statement she was a “paid mistress”, while thirty years later she had no problem with innumerable pictures of herself in various states of disrobe floating around the Internet. Now in her 70s, she rants on the Internet under different pseudonyms and peddles stories to tabloids, seeking to spread bigotry and hatred against the Church of Scientology. Yet she was cherry picked by HBO producer Lawrence Wright for his “Going Clear” book to help him carry out his anti-religious agenda.

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Because Alex Gibney in his propaganda film “Going Clear” covered up relevant details about his sources, the Church of Scientology  produced factual, documented information telling the real story behind each of these individuals and their role in advancing Gibney's bigoted agenda.